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Story Notes:
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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is the sequel to The Kanima Revealed.
Derek could smell the teen’s blood when his feet hit pavement. He could hear the weaken heartbeat coming from the second floor of the school. The Alpha did not bother with the door; he smashed into the closest windows and raced for the stairs. All that mattered was getting to Stiles. In the chemistry classroom, Stiles kept trying to move his limbs. He wanted to curl on to his side to ease the stretched wounds. The teen almost had his legs up so he could turn his hips and start moving to his side when the classroom’s door slammed open.
“No.” He cried out, convulsing at the thought Harris had returned. Stiles squeezed his eyes closed and sobbed hoping it would just end. At the door, Derek froze at the sight of the draped teen. The blood was slowly pooling underneath the crying human and at the base of the table.
“Stiles” the werewolf croaked out. Slowly he approached the teen; however, the smell of terror just got stronger. “Stiles” he whispered, hands carefully touching the teen’s cheek. “It’s alright. It’ll be alright” Behind him Scott arrived panting from the exertion of the run.
“Shit,” Scott took out his phone already calling someone.
“Not the hospital.” Derek hissed his hands hovering over the wounds.
“Deaton, he’s closer.” Scott replied before he focused on explaining the situation to his boss. The vet could be heard asking questions about Stiles’ condition and how fast the werewolves could get him there.
“As fast as he needs.” Derek answered. Scott repeated his answer and hung up the phone.
“He’s prepping the room, same one as with the bullet. He’s going to have the back doors unlocked.” Scott stared at his best friend. “We just need to get him there. But how without causing more damage?”
“We carry him and run. We don’t have time to be careful.” Stiles whimpered when Derek scooped him up. The Alpha tightened his grip on the human and took off for the animal clinic. Scott was running behind him. The back doors were opened when he arrived. Derek turned his shoulder to shove open the operating room’s door, alerting Deaton to their arrival.

“Put him on the table and strip him.” The vet was pouring some water into a breaker of grey dust. Neither werewolf nor vet looked up when Scott arrived. The young werewolf shook for a moment at the sight of Stiles’ wounds uncovered.

“Scott!” Deaton gestured for the teen. “Add water to each of these breakers until there’s a thick paste. Like pancake batter.” He grabbed the two finished breakers setting them on the table with his surgical instruments. Derek helped the vet cleaned the wounds and rolled the teen over to his back. Derek hissed as he saw the tears across Stiles stomach down to the hip. Deaton cursed. “Alpha, I need you to clean his wounds.”

“Wasn’t he doing that?” Scott asked. He was setting more breakers on the cart, hands shaking a bit.

“Yes Scott.” Deaton replied. Derek bended over, hovers for a moment over the wound, smelling for any toxin or infections. The werewolf ignored Scott’s exclamation of disgust when Derek started licking the torn tissue. He forced himself to ignore Stiles’ cries as he pushed his tongue into the injury, spreading his saliva deep into the wound.

“Why is he licking him? How does that help?” Scott demanded to know. Deaton was mixing a few of the pastes together, creating a black colored concoction.

“Werewolf salvia works faster than one of my herbs. A born werewolf will be able to clean infections from the wound while numbing it at the same time. We don’t have time for anything else.” The Vet shoved the black mixture in Scott’s hand. “When Derek finishes a section, push this into the wound.” Deaton grabbed the teen’s chin forcing him to meet his eyes. “Scott, make sure it goes deep into the wound. This will not help if it just rests on top.” Scott nodded and moved beside Derek.

Deaton was mixing something to help replenish the lost blood. Stiles was too pale and weak for the vet’s taste. He needed the teen to be stronger to fight off any possible infections. Once the mixture was setting up, he took a breaker filled with water and added a few pinches of a green dust. Tipping Stiles’ head back, Deaton dripped the liquid down the boy’s throat. The teen’s body relaxed and he slipped into a drugged sleep.
Derek and Scott worked together to finish the cuts on Stiles’ front. The wounds were left uncovered as Derek rolled the unconscious teen on to his side so they could treat his back. The dislocated shoulder was the next thing taken care of. Derek left Scott to hold his friend up as he popped the shoulder back into place. He flinched when Stiles let out a quiet scream. He crouched beside the table so he could reach the puncture wound on the teen’s back. Once he had the wound cleaned, the black paste was allowed to soak into the wound with some gauze keeping it in.
“The salve will need to soak for 30 minutes. Then it needs scrubbed out and the pink one placed on top and the wounds bandaged.”
“Is he alright?” Scott asked his hand resting on Stiles’ uninjured shoulder. Derek turned his head toward the vet listening for his answer.
“Our biggest concern is shock from the blood loss and infection in the wounds.” Deaton picked up one of the remaining breakers. He began dripping the liquid down the teen’s throat. “This will help with the blood loss.” He set the half empty breaker to the side. “We’ll be giving it to him throughout the night.” The room’s descended into silence. It was broken by Derek.
“I need to call the others.”
“Why?” Scott stood by Stiles’ shoulder, biting his lip.
“Someone needs to clean up the mess back at school. The window can be ruled as vandalism, a giant pool of blood can’t.”
“It’s a prank?”
“And if they test the blood? Can you explain how Stiles lost that much blood at school and not end up at the hospital.” Derek did not wait for the younger werewolf to speak instead he stepped outside to call his pack. Deaton squeezed Scott’s shoulder reassuring the young man.
“He’ll be alright. He just needs to rest for now.” Deaton nudged the teen away. “Go get cleaned up and call the others. I’m sure your friends are worried.” Scott nodded stepping into the hallway. The vet watched his assistant for a minute to make sure the werewolf was handling everything okay. Behind him Derek re-entered the operating room. He came to a stop by the unconscious Stiles. “He’s fine.” Deaton stated to the alpha werewolf as he turned to face the younger man. “Some rest and a few easy days, his wounds will be mostly healed. There’s a reason I had you cleaned them.”
“I told him to stay behind.” Derek kept his eyes on the teen, his hand curled around Stiles’ wrist and fingers pressed against his pulse point. “He was supposed to be safe and away from the Kanima.”
“Alpha,” Deaton laid a hand on the young man’s shoulder. “Derek, you had no way of knowing there would be two Kanimas.”
“He could have died.” Deaton shrugged the veterarian’s hand off. “He would have died if Scott hadn’t insisted on calling him. If we hadn’t been so close to the school already.”
“Then be grateful, that is what happened. He is safe now.” The older man left the werewolf alone. Derek stayed by Stiles’ side keeping a vigil over the injured human. The room’s peace was only disturbed when Deaton came back with Scott to clean up the old paste and replace it. The werewolves and human finished quickly, and Stiles was given more drugs to handle the rest of the night. Deaton pulled out a few pallets for the group. Derek and he moved Stiles to the more comfortable surface.
Scott claimed the other pallet, pushing it beside his friend. The young werewolf eventually passed out. As he left, Deaton turned off the lights leaving the room in darkness. Once Derek was sure the other two were unaware; he curled up on the edge of Stiles’ pallet, his hand clasping the teen’s wrist. He rested his head next to the teen’s which allowed him to breath in the teen’s natural scent. The werewolf slowly succumbed to sleep when he was sure everything would be alright.

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