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Summary: A collection of stories, all under 1000 words and ranging from general to oddball pairings.
Rated: T
Categories: Gen, Slash Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski
Genre: Alternate Universe, Drama
Pairings: Derek/Stiles
Warnings: Under Age
Series: None
Chapters: 7 Completed: No
Word count: 4643 Read: 195161
Published: 12 Aug 2012 Updated: 13 Aug 2012
Story Notes:
Triggers and warnings are applied at the beginning of each chapter so you can avoid certain ones.

1. Chase by oldsmobile_98 [Reviews - 0] (196 words)

2. Submit by oldsmobile_98 [Reviews - 0] (398 words)
Derek/Stiles; AU where Stiles was also bitten by Peter Hale. Derek talks with him in the jeep.

3. Omega by oldsmobile_98 [Reviews - 0] (539 words)
AU where everyone is a werewolf and the Stilinski's have come to Beacon Hills

4. Repairs by oldsmobile_98 [Reviews - 0] (1033 words)
Derek/Stiles; talks of underage sex, and taking advantage of a minor(past and present); nothing actually happens through.
AU, where Derek wasn't accused of attacking the teenagers and he sees Stiles' jeep in the shop.

5. Crush by oldsmobile_98 [Reviews - 0] (625 words)
Derek/Stiles; Scott and Allison talk to Stiles, and learn a secret.

6. Offer by oldsmobile_98 [Reviews - 0] (849 words)
Derek/Stiles; beliefs of one-sided love; misunderstandings
Stiles wants to know why Derek never offered the bite, and Derek wants to know why Stiles is always in danger.

7. Borrow by oldsmobile_98 [Reviews - 0] (1003 words)
Derek/Stiles; continuation of Offer. Derek realizes something.